*loads search engine*


how to have work to do but not to feel the need to finish it immediately when the amount of work is fairly small across the board, and to relax for one fucking second instead of pulling your hair out at every task

@InvaderXan ......

*looks up "how to procrastinate when you sit in front of your boss"*

@ryanlittlefield Setting up a hotkey to instantly minimise whatever window is onscreen is a start...

@InvaderXan hahah i've actually gotten good enough at that without a hotkey that it's kind of scary.

@InvaderXan knowing my luck, i'd set up a hotkey for it, use it, and it would engage like, zoom 200% on whatever was up

@InvaderXan "ryan, i see you were looking at buying this expensive out of print vinyl record instead of working"

...."do you want to hang out"

probably the best outcome i could hope for tbh

Plot twist: Your boss was also procrastinating, and was looking at much the same thing.

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