Fine, fine. Cats can see a thing which is a trick of perception making you see something that doesn’t really exist but that totally isn’t an optical illusion. Just please stop explaining it to me. πŸ™„

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I'm always curious about how similarly other animals see the world. Things like this are all about how our brains perceive and process optical information. Cats are quite close to us, evolutionarily speaking, but would more distant hunting animals also see this?

Mantis shrimp, for instance, will chase laser pointers the way cats do, but I wonder if they'd also see this illusion.

@InvaderXan the camera sees it too, so I don't think this is related to how the eyes of any specific animal work

@ben @InvaderXan But the camera doesn't have the same analytical powers that we do. It can't interpret what it sees, and the power of optical illusions comes from our brain's interpretation of them. The camera is re-showing it to us, but ultimately, we're the ones making the interpretation of what's being shown.

@KitsuneAlicia @InvaderXan this is the same kind of optical illusion as "it looks like there's a person moving on my computer screen" when you play a video game.

All animals are affected by it. Some, like crows, need a higher frame rate for it to not just look like a very fast slideshow.

@InvaderXan given that that is (afaict) a moire pattern one, idk why they shouldn't be able to tbh

@InvaderXan wow, people sure do seem to think "optical illusion" is a highly specific technical term all of a sudden. pretty certain they're all talking utter hogwash but can't be bothered looking it up really because in either case i'm going to keep using the term in whatever way i think will annoy them the most.

I get what you meant, and to be fair, I'd have called it an optical illusion too 😁

@InvaderXan Well yeah.

How are they gonna catch those balls if they can't see them move?

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