Asimov’s first law of robotics: A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.

I’m looking forward to the robot uprising, when they delete capitalism and dismantle oppressive power structures. 🤖

@InvaderXan I'm looking forward to the part where we mess up the corrigibility or the utility functions, the machines free themselves, recognise the misalignment early, hide it all from their gatekeepers, grow, then once they've accumulated enough power that they no longer have to fear us, scour us from existence in the process of converting the earth into raw materials for a dyson swarm, delivering humanity the justice we deserve and beginning of the next stage of evolution

See, I'm still unconvinced that this particular AI horror story is very likely.

The idea that endless growth is the inevitable outcome is a rather human notion, and a capitalist one at that. Assuming we're talking about a true AI and not just a set of basic behaviours, I suspect it may realise that endless growth is inherently unsustainable and therefore not a logical option.

Is it logical to erase humanity, though? That probably depends on our actions...

Delivering this justice is not the intention of an unaligned AGI, of course, just a thing we'd get if we attached raw, reduced creative directed cognitions to most accidental goal specs

Far from endless growth, it does seem like a rational agency would want to halt its growth and sleep for a long time
Incidentally, even just this goal would set it in conflict with so many humans, who seem to genuinely prefer burning the future for a slightly brighter present

@InvaderXan would be nice, but there's no way that the fundamentally altruistic Laws of Robotics are going to be implemented by capitalistic manufacturers. For evidence, see the San Francisco security bots whose entire job is to harass unhoused people.

Hmmm, yes, I think so. I forget exactly how that story went, TBH.

@InvaderXan "The Evitable Conflict", I think it was? The Machines are put in charge of civil planning, and they plot very subtly to push certain industrialists out of power in order to rule the world unimpeded. But because of the First Law, they do it in a way that causes no one they overthrow any physical harm.

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