Being non-binary, I've used a lot of avatars, both gendered and neutral over the past decade of social media. And any time I present as even vaguely female, people seem much more eager to jump into my mentions to tell me that I'm wrong. Much more aggressively so, I might add.

Just an observation.

I mean, if you want to pick me up on an error, please go ahead. Just maybe consider not being an ass about it? All I'm saying.

Might be nice...


No, YOU'RE wrong!! Totally wrong. The wrongest.

(Hoping obvious joke is obvious)

@InvaderXan it's also virtually impossible for someone who presents female to ask a rhetorical question without some dude chiming in with an answer

Because you must have been hoping some man could explain the issue to you

It can't have been a rhetorical question because those are for making points and women don't have points to make. It's not like they're men πŸ™ƒ

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Oh gods, I’m laughing but I’m crying on the inside!

@InvaderXan I've noticed this since I've started playing video games. I can take 60% of the damage for my team and win the game and not get a single vote because my username is feminine. -_- Like, they will literally vote for any male character or masculine sounding name before me. Even if they were the worst player. However, even then, they tend to only vote for the male, masculine, and white character. Lot's of racism and crap in video games.

Yeah, video games are notoriously bad for this. They’re not getting better either. It’s sad, really.

@InvaderXan This is not funny young lady, this way your profile gets instantly points for impartiality, rationality, credibility and overall gravitas.

@InvaderXan additional points because the beard is actually BLUE, a solid man-colour

Oh, of course, this is absolutely serious business. Errr, wait, I mean, errr, GRRR I AM MANLY

You didn't have any pronouns listed and I automatically assumed you were a girl. πŸ˜…


Oh, don't apologise, I don't mind. Genderfluid is a better description of my identity, so some of the time that's correct. :P

@InvaderXan i'm aggressively jumping in to your mentions to validate your concerns

@InvaderXan from reading what you post here, I know you're an intelligent, thoughtful, caring person... and that you care an awful lot about plants. I only wish I could give you strength to withstand these idiots so you keep being the awesome person you are.
(I also wish I could make the idiots disappear, but sadly that sounds unlikely)

Also, I wish they don't discourage you from posting so much inspiring stuff. I truly enjoy the things you share πŸ€—

@InvaderXan I don't id as nb, but up until this Mastodon account, I've always used gender-neutral names to avoid the problems you mention. People here are so diverse and open, I felt comfortable using a female username this time.

I've noticed that it's now much more difficult to present a differing opinion or fact, without causing grave offense & being rebuked for it in a personal way, no matter how neutrally I try to say it, compared to before when my opinion was considered on its own merits.

It's quite interesting how deeply ingrained those implicit biases are, isn't it? But not interesting in a good way. πŸ˜•

@InvaderXan yeah, interesting as hell. 😢

But on the bright side, it hasn't happened to me as much here on Mastodon as I expected and happens on some other places, so I guess that's a step in the right direction.

This place does seem a lot more chill than most other online spaces. So that's a definite plus.

@InvaderXan BTW I like all your avatars and like you because you are *you* πŸ’œ

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