@InvaderXan I was just thinking about your Sequoias the other day! So cute 😍

@InvaderXan Cool. May it grow large and prosper!

BTW, I just read a story about a yellow meranti trees (Shorea faguetiana) found in Sabah, Borneo Malaysia, that might be as tall as the sequoias.


Wow, that’s amazing. Yellow Meranti trees should be better known IMO!

@InvaderXan Imagine if you had a multi-century nap by accident and needed to get one paper off your desk, which was now enmeshed in the roots of the WorldTree that was regarded as sacred by an entire society

After a few centuries, there would probably be a legend about me as the keeper of the tree.

@InvaderXan Then how would you convince people you were you? Legends get distorted...

@InvaderXan See you there, I'll be the mysterious hooded figure dropping cryptic clues

@InvaderXan say... could you help me identify a young tree? I've brought seeds from the Mediterranean (I think it were those) and three of them sprouted and survived. I think they are going to flower this year.

@InvaderXan I think I'll just attach a couple of photos? I was about to skim the "Trees of Mediterranean climate" list on Wikipedia but hey, maybe you'll recognise them right away or something. Should be easier in a few weeks when they're in bloom.

Flowers help, but things like overall shape, leave shape and colour, and bark can also help to identify trees. So photos are probably the best idea.

@InvaderXan the leaf shape seems quite significant on this one, but they don't have any bark yet, since I just raised them over the last couple of weeks.

Hmmm... I'm afraid I don't know any tree with leaves like that. In fact, if you hadn't told me what they were, I'd have guessed at some kind of herb. Though perhaps their leaves will change somewhat as they get older. I'll let you know if I find anything though!

They look a little spindly too. I think perhaps they might like a little more light.

@InvaderXan yeah I know, I'm already keeping them right next to the window but I wouldn't want to take them outside yet because it still gets cold and windy. thanks for having a look, I'll try to keep them alive and growing and then we'll see

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