I was checking some of the seeds I'm germinating, and look! This orange seed is polyembryonic!

Polyembryonic seeds are basically what happens when a plant has twins, and one seed contains more than one embryo. Some plants (like some types of mango) always grow seeds like this. In my experience, it's unusual in oranges though.

Cool, I found a botany paper about this. Apparently, some citrus cultivars have a habit of producing these polyembryonic seeds.

Polyembryony in Citrus
Koltunow et al (1996)
* Open access

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@InvaderXan remember the double stemmed grapefruit I posted about? It happened to 4 seeds, so I figured they had a predisposition for it!

I guess so! That's interesting. I've never tried growing grapefruit, because I'm not a fan of them TBH.

@InvaderXan I just wanted to mess around with growing citrus, and for some reason no one in this area sells oranges or limes with seeds. I do like grapefruit, though, so it's all fine in the end.

Oh, that’s funny. Though I’ve had similar trouble finding limes with seeds in some places. My go to option is lemons. Not sure I’ve ever found a seedless lemon. πŸ‹

Aren't polyembryonic seeds the default for some cultivars, like the navel orange? I thought that was why they had the navel, that it's a separate fruit that never matured grafted onto one that did.

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