The Universe is 13.8 billion years old. The part which we can see is 93 billion light years from side to side, and there’s much more beyond. In both space and time, it’s so fantastically vast that it’s difficult for tiny creatures like us to fully comprehend.

In the face of such vastness, it’s astonishing and wonderful to be anything at all. Your every moment is a delightful, highly improbable gift. Always remember that.



Humans, in one form or another, have been on Earth for maybe 2.5 million years. The Andromeda galaxy is 2.5 million light years away.

Under dark, clear skies, you can see the Andromeda galaxy with your own two eyes. If you do, you’ll be looking at light which has been travelling through space for roughly as long as our genus has existed on this planet.

@InvaderXan What blows my mind is that the stars we see might already have exploded millions of years ago.

No doubt some have. But many, many more are still there now, and will still be there long after our own star is no more. I find that far more impressive.

This is so beautiful and humbling to me. Space is just awe inspiring.

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