I haven't really had time to do any , sadly, because I'm hella busy right now.

Though admittedly, the stuff I'm busy with is artificial photosynthesis – looking for molecules which can use sunlight to capture CO2 and store energy while alleviating the effects of global warming.

...which... probably?... counts...?

By the way, feel free to ask me more about this stuff, if you're curious. I'm always happy to share knowledge.

@InvaderXan Improved RuBisCo? I don't know if that is the same thing but was thinking of it randomly yesterday


Not quite. The things I'm looking at are more like chlorophyll molecules.

@InvaderXan Really cool. I tried to switch careers into plant bio a while back but life had other plans. I had dreams of working with heirloom crops to breed varieties specifically suited for the needs of organic agriculture.

Life often has other plans, sadly. Pity too, that sounds like an interesting thing to work on!

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