I haven't really had time to do any , sadly, because I'm hella busy right now.

Though admittedly, the stuff I'm busy with is artificial photosynthesis – looking for molecules which can use sunlight to capture CO2 and store energy while alleviating the effects of global warming.

...which... probably?... counts...?

@InvaderXan I am *extremely* curious as one of my special interests is developing models for exoplanetary atmospheres. (Looong way from that goal yet.)

Also, cool βˆ‘:D

Oh, that's interesting! By coincidence, another thing I want to research someday is how to look for signs of photosynthesis on exoplanets. Which seems quite closely related to your work!

@InvaderXan Huge goal! (Also I would hardly call my armchair science 'work' as it's all guesswork ATM; it's why I've gone back to school at age 46.)

I respect that. Never too late to learn something new, after all. I hope school's going well!

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