We think of plants as stationary beings, but they're not. They just live on different timescales to animals like us.

All plants move, their leaves jostling amongst each other, trying to catch the optimal amount of light. But mostly, we don't notice.

Sometimes, I catch my plants moving when their leaves brush past each other. Usually after I adjust their lights, the fussy little things.


fussy and needy but quiet and hard to notice issues with, i can relate! i love plant.

@InvaderXan One of the sets of stories we grew up with were those of the Findhorn Gardens in Scotland. They irrevocably set our views of the sentience of plants.

The Findhorn Gardens? I don’t know these stories. It sounds like I should look them up!

@InvaderXan The stuff about Findhorn is really old, Eileen and Peter Caddy are long since dead.

You could try

The Magic Of Findhorn -
Paul Hawken

The Secret Life of Plants - Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird

@InvaderXan this creeps me out. I don't know why but I feel like plants need to not be able to move. That's their one weakness.

@InvaderXan David Attenborough did (a long time ago now) a series called The Private Life of Plants, and there's a wonderful time lapse clip of just how much a blackberry plant moves:

I love that series! I may have re-watched it fairly recently... πŸ’š

Ohhhh yes, I heard about that! I’m excited to see what they can do with modern camera equipment!

@InvaderXan I have the purple leaved Oxalis and notice it has moved all the time. I need to keep turning the pot around to get it to grow in a slightly more even way, but also so I can enjoy the leaves

Lively little things, aren’t they? I used to keep one myself, and it just refused to sit still!

@InvaderXan They are. I like turning it around so I get to to see the leaves better. It's an occasional where the flowers are insignificant, it's the leaves that you enjoy.

I πŸ’š these time lapse plant shots. I’ve been thinking of trying to take one sometime myself...

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