The Opportunity rover’s final message from Mars was “My battery is low and it is getting dark.”

When we get there, we should build a monument to it! Intended to last 90 days and lasted for 5475! Opportunity was amazing!

@InvaderXan and if it weren't for the solar panels getting covered it'd have lasted even longer o_o

Wonder what it'd take to send a maintenance unit to provide basic cleaning services to other bots.

Main issue would be getting to them - flying isn't an easy option either with the Mars atmosphere being thinner than Earth's.

Its an interesting idea. I wonder how long it can go without power and still be revived by sunlight...

@InvaderXan @polychrome I don't know for Opportunity specifically but it depends on if they built in a mechanism to cold boot the rover. I can ask about it after breakfast if you're curious!

@InspectorCaracal @InvaderXan I think I've read about it not being able to recover, either due to not having the capacity to cold boot (doubtful) or a malfunction (more likely) but I'd be happy to hear more about this, sure :o


@polychrome @InspectorCaracal
I'd be interested too. I don't know so much about the technical/engineering side of these things.

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