A nice thing about Sweden compared to Spain is sunsets and sunrises last a lot longer, and no idea why, but they're absolutely beautiful!

@jon_valdes I'm pretty sure it's because you're much further north, so the Sun stays lower in the sky for a lot longer.

@InvaderXan yeah, them taking longer I understand. But them being more colorful I don't!

@jon_valdes I'd guess that colder average air temperature means more condensed water vapour and/or ice crystals in the upper atmosphere for sunlight to refract/reflect off.

Some of the prettiest sunsets I've seen were around the Pacific before and after typhoons. All that water high in the air makes them very colourful!

@InvaderXan could be! The coloring is due to Rayleigh scattering, which happens because of particles smaller than the light wavelength. Particles bigger than that produce Mie scattering, which gives clouds their characteristic look.

I guess extremely fine water and ice molecules could produce Rayleigh scattering too? No idea, but it sounds plausible!

@jon_valdes Well, specifically Rayleigh scattering is why the sky's blue. The light that doesn't get scattered gives the sunset colour.

But yeah, water molecules can cause Rayleigh scattering, but ice crystals are far too big. Instead, they diffract the light, which causes cool polar optical phenomena! Sundogs, light pillars, and irridescent clouds are among the most famous. :)



@jon_valdes I'm sorry, I just get really excited about optical phenomena...

@InvaderXan hey, I'm a rendering engineer. Today I got excited when I noticed the several transmission/refraction modes in my son's hair 🤷‍♂️

@jon_valdes Bonus points if you started thinking about how you'd render the same effect!

@InvaderXan well, I'm gonna be delivering a talk on hair rendering next month, so...

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