Tomorrow’s date will be written as an eight-digit palindrome around the world, the first time this has happened in 900 years.

The coincidence is rare because countries use differing conventions. February 2, 2020, is a palindrome whether expressed as day/month/year (02/02/2020), month/day/year (02/02/2020), or year/month/day (2020/02/02).

This happened last on November 11, 1111, and it won’t happen again until March 3, 3030.



There is this though...

December 12, 2121

12-12-2121 or 2121-12-12

But that is still a long time away.

That is "Epochly Epic" How about for those "like myself" who only find the BE "Buddhist Era" calandrical date system astrologically relevant? Any insights on this Palidrome type calcs with BE calander would be something new and interesting, for me it is currently 2564BE as opposed to 2020AD 😎👍

@Hylyx hate the Gregorian calendar, but love shit like this. Thanks for sharing.

@Hylyx Is this accounting for The ISO8601 Conquest of 2056?

@Hylyx what about the date formats I use, month/year/day and day/year/month? It's currently 02/2020/02

next one should be December 12th, 2121, shouldn't it?

@Hylyx funny enough, 3030 is also the year of Linux on the desktop

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