sbc history 

when wewereseeds showed back up I got to thinking that maybe we should compile a brief oral history of sbc so that we can maybe learn from this shit show? Unfortunately I didn't spend enough time here to get various important events, so here's what I got---

Cocoron made the instance in Belfast North Ireland on the godaddy service for people who have a solarpunk ethos. I can't find a date for this but I'm guessing early 2018. When I arrived in mid 2018 the local timeline was essentially all diy projects, FOSS stuff, and cool alt. living people. While SBC has always been by and for anarchists early on this was not the emphasis as there was a minority section of liberals and libertarians. The Loomio site was set up in july of 2018 and from there I have a clearer picture of what went down.

I'm gonna write part two of this later when I'm not on my lunch break.


sbc history 

The pre-loomio era of SBC which we can now tentatively date as May to July 2018, thanks to @squeakypancakes, was a period of fast growth. I joined in August and If I remember correctly we had already accrued over 200 members. By the time I joined the wiki, Loomio, Matrix, Roit and OpenCoop were all already up and used regularly enough to be mentioned. SBC at this point was a pay to vote system. Anyone could post but you needed to be contributing member of one Euro a month to do admin and vote on issues. Most admin and moderation was done by Cocoron. The first major problem started on Loomio where the members began hashing out what SBC was going to be. Most contributing members were anarchists, but again there was a vocal minority on the site of liberals and libertarians. This immediately created a tension where these folks did not feel heard. Post capitalism was added to the values section to try and stop more people like this from joining.

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SBC history will return Friday i don't have the time rn to dig through the old sbc loomio

sbc history 

Part 3 The SBC Gov Fight
On August 19th 2018 Cocoron proposed a Code of Conduct and a Governance Document loosely biased on how she had been running the server thus far. Notable features of both documents include: no cw guidelines, no anti-capitalist statements, a pay-to-vote system (one euro or more a month or 12 euros or more a year), a fee waiver for the "action squads" (people who moderate, do back end IT stuff, and a communication team for the wiki and other miscellaneous stuff), a requirement for member concencus to join any action squad, as well as an 80% majority needed to change the governance document. This passed unanimously among voting members. In September 25th a Tao, an SBC member who has since left, proposed adding anarchism to the member requirements. Liliana, also ex-sbc, proposed amending it to anti-capitalist, which in initial polling seemed to pass at 80%. some of the more liberal and libertarian members then freaked out.

sbc history 

The local timeline was flooded with various respected members of the community screaming about how SBC was becoming authoritarian and how if the motion passed they would leave for good. to make matters worse on October 14th Cocoron rephrased Tao's proposal to also exclude people by profession. Several Anarchists began agreeing with the angry capitalists especially since the proposed motion would ban *all* security workers including bouncers and other seemingly benign private security from becoming members. This obviously wrankled other anarchists, who then began to attack their comrades as closet liberals. The motion was put forward and lost with 61% support, but with many people not noticing they needed 80% to pass. This resulted in the first SBC exodus. Many of the DIY people left, ultimately making the time line much closer to how it feels now- a bunch of hippie aligned anarchists posting about their lives and anarchism, rather then material solarpunk projects.

sbc history 

with a chunk of the paying membership gone Cocoron was forced back to self financing the server for a while. However, it was easy to pass a ban on an-caps after all that. Ultimately the problem was that anti-Capitalism was not initially a stated goal or the SBC project. I think honestly had that been the case from the start, SBC would still be much more of a DIY space to this day. Because the rapid loss of most of our makers on October 21st SBC was changed forever. I'm going to quickly list some interesting things that happen between the October Hissyfit and the founding of a sister instance
🐐 The coms administrative position was ended giving the wiki over to non-members
🐐 various right-wing instances became blocked and defederated
🐐 the SBC logo :sunbeam: :sunbeam: was created and adopted around this time
🐐 Extinction rebellion was added to the instance
🐐 proposals were changed so that they had far more deffinition

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