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Since @tulsi did her intro today, I figured I might as well hop on the belated train:

I'm Hazel, I was born in a broken up hippie commune in Berkeley, a City built on the graves of the Ohlone. 3erd Gen Hippie.

Spent some Time in the sticks of Mendocino County, before moving to Occupied Cherokee land of the Eastern Appalachians for college.

I have an Abiding passion for Agriculture, and using Hot Takes I Don't Believe to force people to see things differently.
Secretary for local HVACco

um, actually bullying fascists for using anime girl profile pics forces trans women to stay in the closet, out of fear of being mocked for feminine presentation. really.... it makes you the fascist

Likes: Fuckin', Truckin', and ownin' noobs on the internet
Dislikes: everything else

homemade Aryan (Persian yogurt drink) 1 part yogurt, 2.5 parts water, ground mint, salt to taste.

i wonder if marx thought barefoot was legal

psa sheltering your kids fucks them up

To the tune of Peaches by Presidents of The USA
Movin' back to Cali
Gonna eat me alot of mandarins
Movin' back to Cali
Gonna work some fucking dead end job
Movin' back to Cali
Gonna fight drunk in my underwear
Movin' back to Cali
Gonna eat me alot of mandarins

As if I needed more fucking reasons to hate Thomas Aquinas

Fuck you Thomas Aquinas, fuck you

Abbie Hoffman canceled for the promotion of smoking mids in Steal This Book

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