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The World Spirit is dispossessed from her seat of guidance, and every subject of empire disdains her or knows her not. Be it that Ialdabaoth still rules in her place, would we not take on his jealous, violent, quarrelsome, and greedy behavior, and be the foes of art and beauty? What matter that we now proclaim his death? It is in ourselves that we must first attack and destroy Ialdaboath.

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Reasons why I'm secretly just a horse girl but for goats.
-fell in love with one on a field trip when I was a kid
-has centered my entire life around obtaining one but gets foiled at every turn
-knows all the trivia about them without actually knowing the basics of taking care of one
-a surprising amount of my stuff is goat themed
-I have no idea how to end this bit with a punchline that doesn't imply that I'm into bestiality

I feel like the Noble Gas - Biblical Chapter of Arbitrary Faith - Synonym for Religious book reading exerpt unit is tragically underexplored in version control schemes. Though the final element has no clear ordering scheme we can use, so we'll just treat them as repeating release phase names for flavor.

Neon Genesis Evangelion
Argon ויקרא Parshah
Radon Vendidad پارہ

"Imprisonment is an injury, regardless of how you justify it." -Jean-Luc Picard

Whenever I hear an autistic person say "ok, so" during a conversation, I get very happy, as I am about to learn an entire semester's worth of information in the next 15 minutes.
The most wonderful phrase.

what if 👉👈 we kissed 🥺 and we were both THICK WITCH 😳

linux, intense eye-contact 

Can I interest you in a LINUX?

His palms are sweaty, knees weak, eyes are swollen
There's malware in his wallet already, apes are stolen

Media will warn you about the 4chan teen who sits in a basement hacking your pills.

I'm worried about the 35yo 4channer who works in a cube at google/facebook/amazon who uses the entire corporate surveillance dragnet to monitor every second of the lives of women he thinks owe him sex.

liberals will be like, "you want bike lanes painted in your city? that's a bit utopian, don't you think?"

Turns out the broadly quoted human wet bulb thermal maximum of 35C was an overestimate. A new study determined in young healthy people, it's more like 31C. Not like we're going to put this data to the real world test or anything! *laughs nervously, sweats ineffectively*

institutional transmisogyny 

the reason chelsea manning was fucking tortured inside a well for 7 years & has survived, what, 3 or so attempts to have her killed is she didn't turn. do you have what that takes, and is whatever you're doing important enough to risk it?

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Good morning to the hoodless electromodded classic mini-Cooper in the grocery store parking lot ONLY

"This page looks better in our app."
It's funny how some sites try to present their failures as a good thing.

Is he really a "catboy" if he doesn't operate heavy duty CAT machinery?

USpol, 1984 

Americans to dems: Do something about Roe v Wade!

Homeland security under a dem president:

if you die without knowing what a slimegirl is you get stuck in a separate purgatory for those who had not heard the good word. everyone else gets to be a slimegirl in slimegirl heaven.

this pride month i am coming out as terrifying. it is ok to fear me. my pronouns are aaaaa/run

New study suggests that space tourism has the potential to not only aggravate global warming at a disproportionate scale, but also to cancel the last decades' recovery of stratospheric ozone.

As usual, billionaires don't play on the same league, whatever you do, they can do worse (probably 500 times worse with each go, in this case).

Direct paper link is

#science #space #climateChange #globalWarming #ozone #billionaires

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