they should sell weeker weed I howl as I am launched from earths orbit by taking two puffs on a pre-roll

just wrote a song in musescore called ode to the trilateral commission-- unsure how to proceed

Today in Late Stage Capitalism: US Farmers buying 40-year old tractors for c.60% the price of a new one, becuase they can actually repair them without the manufacturer rent-seeking

I wish the left had less purity tests, but honestly they're inevitable if the movement is mostly constituted of traumatized young adults. Always good to remember there are very few people who are entirely cynical and evil, and they tend to be very rich and powerful, most "movement leaders" while maybe doing the exact wrong thing generally don't realize they are hurting people.

Still, I think we need elders not leaders. Maybe, rather then writing off the hippie movement entirety it's time to listen to the crusty crank boomer living in their van. I can guarantee they will have better politics then you think, and a much better understanding on how to deal with defeat and trauma.

organizers now more than ever please stop using facebook to organize

Any love triangle that isn't a full polyamourus delta is the cowards way out.

despite how often people say it, no-one in the West actually *acts* as if there are only two genders. the two genders people *name*, 'man' and 'woman' (both with additional implied characteristics like heterosexuality, cisgenderism, and gender conformity), and by which they explain other genders, are just the two you can 'correctly' be.

people who claim to believe that there are only two genders nevertheless have an awful lot to say about other genders that they sort other people into, without their consent, for differential treatment. the effeminate un-man, the butch un-woman, the he-she, the undecidable gender are openly and fervently discussed; one is just understood to *not want to be one of Those Things*, and to be one of Those Things everyone 'knows' exist makes one an acceptable target for violence, ridicule, and rejection

(but even as it pushes us out of 'honest society,' heterocapitalism absorbs those of proscribed gender into marginal forms of labor, precarious socialities)

ancient rome is the olive garden of archeology

gettin' high as shit then bikin' handsless down main street while drinkin' a lemon slushy with boba, but no sugar was today's mood

I like this idea that the arms fold up like wings would on a regular crow

But what... I say as I sharpen my Katana with a dandelion in true Bushido fashion ... In your utopian vision would be the social role.... I adjust my Fedora to deliver the coup de grais... of thick necked bullies????? I say this in the bad Bill Mahar punchline voice while raising an eyebrow in a exceedingly condescending fashion

"This is what Real Dual Power looks like!" I holler as I line my hat with tinfoil, buy cheap ass land in Idaho, 12 guns, and enough rations to survive nuclear winter

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