extreme self deprication 

peasants are weird man
When they have commons they are strikingly apolitical and fiercely regionalist. You take away their land and they became hard leftists, but you give it back in private holdings and they become hard reactionaries. wild.

if you refer to a woman's female friends as her "girlfriends" then you need to commit to that bad and confusing decision and call a man's male friends his "boyfriends"

god i love getting fired 3 times in 2 months and having to constantly move in and out of my parents house

the founder of The Farm is against abortion!!!! What The Actual Fuck!!! Is this How Normie White People Feel when They Find Out T. Jefferson Had Slaves!!!! i wanna barf

so I've been trying to put together a history of the back to the land movement for over a year now and am just now preparing for the major data collection road trip, so I thought I'd bone up on the movements early theorists and good god a solid 50% of them are secretly arch reactionaries who just want a return to feudalism without the lords.

think back to the time where I almost went full an-prim- it is honestly possible to radicalize someone by just filling their feed with hot takes, which is wild to me still

Being a awful amateur historian means if I wanna kill someone id just dump my bookshelf full of 1000+ page books on them

hot take: trying to recreate pristine pre-contact ecosystems at all costs is rooted in the same ideas as fascism

hollerin' at the moon "IS IT WEIRD THAT THE ONLY VISUAL NOVELS I BUY ARE PORN" while the police try to arrest me for public indecency

The only “land lord” I believe in is the lord of ALL land, Jesus CHRIST


You know what I love about being dyslexic? having a graduate level vocabulary and and the reading comprehension of a 3rd grader.

hot take 

Civilization hasn't overcome nature. There is no struggle between nature and civilization because in the first place nature would have to exist as something clearly delineated from civilization and in the second place nature would have to have some agency.

Coastal Redwoods are rad
-you can grow thimble berries under them (raspberry like current relative)
-perfect micro climate for outdoor mushrooms in California
-Only found in California coastal region
-fuckin' massive
-wood is beautiful dark red and anti-fungal
-you can grow ferns that produce edible fiddle heads
-you can grow redwood sorrel which is wood sorrel(sour grass) with red undersides and looks super pretty
-grows super fast (carbon sequestration)

GRS is 6k on my parents healthcare plan ya girls gettin' a new pussy

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