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Since @tulsi did her intro today, I figured I might as well hop on the belated train:

I'm Hazel, I was born in a broken up hippie commune in Berkeley, a City built on the graves of the Ohlone. 3erd Gen Hippie.

Spent some Time in the sticks of Mendocino County, before moving to Occupied Cherokee land of the Eastern Appalachians for college.

I have an Abiding passion for Agriculture, and using Hot Takes I Don't Believe to force people to see things differently.
Secretary for local HVACco

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fuck the military but they make the best damn clothes.

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there's a transwoman whose I follow (she runs an actual play dnd podcast called ghost puncher core check it out: ) who changed her name from Eve to Lilith.

which is such a mood

If I'm at a shitty diner in the middle of nowhere im gonna be dumping all the sauce i can find on the bland ass food they serve, so its edible... if you wanna choke it down unaided.... well its your choice

Today's story in my area
(during a local election year)
So-called "crime" is down over 20% over the last half decade.
And I can't wait for Monday to see them all queuing up to take credit for it.

Sounds like me and my comrades need to step up our game. We need more crimes.

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unironically tho... Three days grace radicalized me-
you feel alienated
you feel stepped on
your not alone
we can join together
let's start a riot

if you honestly think islamic culture contributed nothing to civilization you need to read about how algebra was developed and learn some god damned respect

nvm the gladwell thread was my only good twitter posts worth saving

In many ways Malcolm Gladwell is not a leftist, but if you squint you see the leftist ideas hidden within. Like he hates golf courses, not cuz they represent the excesses of our elite, but cuz they are tax dodging and an addictive vice for ceos

In outliers he talks a huge amount about how capitalist meritocracy is a sham, but then in the last few chapters tries to save it. He points out big data sets that prove this like how all the Robber Barons were born in the same decade, and all the early silicon valley ppl were 2... there's some real good scholarship in his body of work that basically disproves neolibralism, and yet he is still at his core a neoliberal.... wild

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