We are losing our shelter . We are losing our healthcare , we are getting evicted and deported. It’s time we lose our fear. Tomorrow, the police will be deploying ruthless violence to kick people from their homes by any means necessary. They are ripping our shelter apart and leaving us to freeze on the streets.

For years Police Station has been left to rot by the government while people die on the streets from lack of shelter. People in the past few weeks have turned it into their homes. Their intention was not only to live there themselves, but to open it to a wider community, prioritising the homeless community in this borough. But the government cannot allow that to happen. They will put profit over people’s lives.


Tomorrow morning they will surround the Paddington Green Police station in the event the bailiffs are told to force entry. We need to stop them for everyone living there, and for every family they will come for after. This Event is not only to raise awareness of the hideous neglect of our country but to use any means necessary to peacefully prevent the eviction.

We will gather by the telephone boxes outside of Paddington Green at 10AM Tommorrow. PLEASE share this around to anyone who’d be able to show up and show their support.

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