Voting is done. Now it's time to organise! Now it's time to connect communities! Now it's time to riot! Now it's time to block the flow of capital! Now it's time to undermine the state! Now it's time to practice mutual aid! Rise up!!

The struggle for a classless, ecological society happens when we make it happen. This isn't a moment to give up, but a moment to redirect energies. Many of us are already organising, find out how you can keep up the fight for real socialism! GAF is just one option out of many

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It has now been proven that putting our collective stake on Labour is useless. Bourgeois elections are controlled by the bourgeois media, and the working class has been hoodwinked again. Now is the time to put our stake on revolution, and start organizing in anger, now.

Join us in Leicester Square tomorrow (Friday 13th) from 17:30 onwards, bring that anger with you.

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The Power beyond Parliament is moving fast across central London. Blocking main roads. Lots of police. Thousands of people. Amazing energy and rage. We will resist.

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