Any thoughts on the Green New Deal? Where do you guys see that going the future?

@raven0144 remind me to reply to this later im on a break and can't give a full response rn :b

@raven0144 it's got some good, but limited ideas based on Keynesian economics that did help us out of the great depression, however it still relies on global capitalism (thus exploitation of the global south) which is a characteristic of social democracy, which will good for members of the nation, is not good for those from others. And even if these ideas are good and popular, what reason would the rich and powerful have to allow the passage of such legislation?

@raven0144 and ultimately it doesn't even attempt to make a fairer economy, just one that puts a bandaid on the bullet wound that the working class has been trying to heal for generations (all of this is from an anti-imperialist Marxist perspective so take it with that in mind)

@raven0144 tl;dr it's an attempt at revitalize Keynesian economics thought when neoliberalism is the natural progression of capitalism and will likely not lose its grip anytime soon. We need an active effort to democratize our economic sector to make any of this possible

(also we need to shut down climate change causing energy and labor practices ASAP and the new green deal seems to be too incremental for the health of our planet)

I can definitely see where you're coming from when it comes to exploitation of the global south and I agree that the ultimate result will be capitalistic in nature. We have to remember though, we're talking about congressional politics which in itself are super limited. We are never going to legislate our way to liberation. This new deal works within the system of oppressors, so it will never be enough to lift oppression, but like you said, it is a bandaid on a bullet wound

But I am certainly glad for the bandaid when throughout history electoral politics has either ignored or mostly made our wounds worse. I do think it's an attempt to make a fairer economy. There's a lot in there that tries to nationalize and democratize important parts of society. (Not that I agree with all of it, but it definitely seems like an attempt). We should continue direct action and shutting down bad practices of course, that is honestly way more important than anything

@raven0144 oh yeah. At this point voting and supporting progressive dems is the least important part of political activities. Direct political agitation and economic militancy (along the lines of the BPP's free breakfast for children program and free clinics) is especially important. Mass movements are so important, which is why I want to join a local party. I was part of Socialist Alternative but it fell apart because national did some stuff that was uh,,,,, bad


@raven0144 so I'm looking at socialist and communist parties in my area rn, there aren't many because I'm in the heart of the rust belt in a city that isn't politically active at all. Also I do agree with your point on bringing attention to the climate, though it seems the public is mostly there already it's the legislature that needs to feel pressure

That sucks about lack of groups. Idk if you want my advice but here goes: I found many lefties on my college campus. The DSA is pretty active in a lot of places. I know on the national level their politics aren't what you're looking for, but the people I've met through there locally are actually very radical (pretty much all revolutionary communists) Also I think @socalledunitedstates has offered their skills in finding leftist groups anywhere.

@raven0144 @DeerlyYours Yo! If you privately send me your general area/closest city I'd love to take a look!

@raven0144 @socalledunitedstates yeah I've considered organizing with DSA on local issues, also been looking at party for socialism and liberation. Hell, id love to organize with some anarchist comrades cause you guys are super good at causing direct change c: I think dsa and psl both have local chapters near me? Dunno if they're still active though I'll have to look into it

@raven0144 @socalledunitedstates been wanting to for a while tbh but the one here that I emailed never got back to me :c we do have a similar thing here though that happens a bit less often than most food not bombs stuff

@DeerlyYours @socalledunitedstates
my FNB didn't really get back to me either tbh. From my experience they're kind of wary about new people (understandably) so if you think they are still active, you may have to try to find them in person so they can meet you.

@raven0144 dang you're right that does make sense ill have to check to see if they're around more closely c:

@DeerlyYours I'd look in the more urban/populated downtown areas, and ask the homeless people, they'll probably know of it or a group like it. My city has what's called a Really Free Market where FNB and a couple other small vendors show up, so that's where I found them after my online attempts at contact didn't work.

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