Is there anyone on that can help me? I set up an account there but haven't gotten a confirmation email yet and it's been a few hours

Btw I'm not a muse of space cause I like callie (though I do love her) that's just the classpect that seems right and also my friends say it's accurate too c:

Mention of a book with graphic violence and sexual abuse 

Dream, - 

if you don't love roxy lalonde get out of my face

There’s only one Claire’s. If you enter one you’re in all of them. It’s a pocket dimension.

oh by the way in case it wasn't obvious, fuck nazis lol

I can't believe I just learned about Esperanto this is kinda interesting

I'm so glad to see homestuck on my tl in the only one out of my friend group who has read it and I've been itching for some content

A cryptocurrency that you mine by giving free hugs. Thank you for attending my TED talk

surveillance capitalism 

adventure rattata! I like to draw in MS paint sometimes, and this is a pretty good example of what it ends up looking like most of the time

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