Ok, this is a really really goos article amd everything written in here about the great terror is true, the death of the republic was at the hands of Robespierre and Saint Just. It's also VERY right about retribution

However, I will argue there is a difference between The Terror and terror, and the dark necessity of terror.

Socialists are bathed in the aesthetic of 'the great revolution', all of which goes back to the French revolution, and more generally 1792. However, this is not the only ever grand class changing revolution.

In 1791 another revolution happened, on the French colony of Saint Domingue, or as we now call it Haiti. In the Haitian revolution terror was key to securing and snowballing the uprising against slave owners. The rising against the masters was a bloody one of machetes, and burning down as much as possible to drive the whites away in any ways they could, not just for retribution but because the terror was so key in keeping what they had won

@CornishRepublicanArmy @scottishwobbly I think this is why they suggested the molotov cocktail as an alternative, because it's the only one that truly democratizes violence.

You need a state and capital to build a gun, you need a state to build a guillotine, you need capital to synthesize dynamite, but anybody can make a molotov cocktail. It's the only weapon that's truly one of liberation, as it doesn't concentrate violence in the hands of a few.


They were also made in defiance against Soviet Imperialism, which is why they're named after Soviet foreign minister Molotov. Which imo is another good reason

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