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@luna @AnarchyonGallifrey are you open to people that are often wrong and willing to hear correction so as to develop personal beliefs further, but without all that "deplatform the fascists" shit? I'm very upset with the idea that anyone should be silenced, as the truth is susceptible to be silenced by mob rule. I'm rather far left myself and despise the american left for being insufficient while I find the american right silly and amusing in their seemingly honest selfish bumbling, and I admire libertarians who personally live their independent values without pushing them on others. anyway, let me know. I 3d print, woodwork, code, am queer, am a landowner and may be a landlord someday (i am handy, and will maintain your home while you pay me, I'm not trying to get rich, just have time to focus on art and contribute to The Man less). My currant instance.... kinda seems to despise my type now and then.

@silver @AnarchyonGallifrey we are extremely anti-fascist, if that's what you're asking.

@luna @AnarchyonGallifrey not exactly. Hmm. Maybe I should rephrase. I find calls to destroy them instead of love them to be offensive and counterproductive to the goal of caring for the earth and eachother. I wish to find an instance willing to accept that. Pity them, but don't kick them off of a network that may help them understand other people. I have lots of religious and republican relatives and I'm unwilling to give up on them. Anyway if that's not you that's fine. I can always start my own right? Haha. Best of luck to you guys.

@silver We have no empathy for fascists.

Please look somewhere else, your views definitely do not align with our policies

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