Have you ever tried identifying individual whales? It looks a bit like the below picture. Basically, you rate the percentage of light vs dark on the tail, box the tale in the image, identify the tail tips, and the center 'v' notch.

This allows us to train computer algorithms to recognize and track humpback whales based on their tails, which can be as unique as fingerprints.

If you want to help out with the project, you can head over to the "Whales as Individuals" project on Zooniverse.

@RadioAngel I tried doing something like this a long time ago. The system I wrote was called whalespotter and my approach was to initially detect the key points and then produce a pose-corrected image which could then be used for recognition. At the time spotters were using catalogs of photos, but as the number of photos increased this was starting to become cumbersome and some automated or semi-automated system was preferable.

afaik whalespotter never got used and remained just a demo.

@RadioAngel Love crowd sourced projects like this.

Beats picking out stops signs so I can log into some google service.

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