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resetting the password to @News so we can start using it for sunbeam news again

Hey everyone, we're going to have a community day on October 11th. Basically just a fun way to chat with everyone on Jitsi and talk about solarpunk stuff. :)

Tomorrow @RadioAngel, @kawaiipunk, @squeakypancakes and myself will be meeting to talk about how to move the collective forward. If you have any interest in joining our Jitsi meeting please let us know.

Raise hell in Kenosha. Solidarity with everyone showing up after another terrible and racist shooting.

If you are there protesting right now and need legal help for bail or lawyer contacts check out the Milwaukee Freedom Fund's help request form here:

#ACAB :acab: :ancom:

Sorry everyone! was down for 4 hours! It was all my fault! I had the GoDaddy account set with an old insecure password and someone in France logged in and changed all the DNS settings. Saw a ping on Element from @squeakypancakes but they had already gone to sleep. So I had to figure out what was wrong myself. Thanks to @pfx for the help too!

(tagging my main account here to get notifications

hey do either of you two lovely people have any interest in helping figure out the future of sunbeam? @notplants @powersource

terf acronym 

The R in TERF stands for reactionary and the F stands for fool.

Things move forward! We have a place in the since this morning and have already brought a lot of building material. Tomorrow we meet at 11:00 and build the first . Come by and join us or tell others about it!


There is a petition on unification of RGB standards from manufacturers in case anyone is interested

Can we we restart the talks of collectively running this instance?

Food / fediverse idea 

Should the fediverse have a bakeoff one day? Like we get a recipe of easy and cheap to come by bits and bake the same thing on the same day and see how we did? Would be fun! I'm terrible at baking but it would be a wholesome shared experience

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Sunbeam City 🌻

Sunbeam City is a anticapitalist, antifascist solarpunk instance that is run collectively.