@jotaemei its open but invited only now. you need an invite for someone just ask!

Any interest out there in doing a session on how to organize a cooperative Mastodon instance?

thank you team for bringing sunbeam back from the dead!!!

Design process. Modelling what will be the Domingo Fermenter Mini. A version of our that we imagine in everyone's , to start fermenting , a natural source of plant , but also , the base for , , 🍄🌱

@suryaceg wow this looks incredible, I haven't heard of it before! I was just given a bunch of tumeric (two different kinds) and some ginger that I am planning on planting this week

Harvested mango turmeric (aka mango ginger/மாங்கா மஞ்சள்/மா இஞ்சி) 😍

We love this taste in fresh chutney & curries. It brings a tonne of freshness to dishes along with a mango punch. I even had a piece raw, it tasted like raw mango.

It's a great feeling 💯 #gardening

thanks @squeakypancakes and @handle for hanging out and upgrading mastodon while I cleaned my room and mostly followed along (:

@tty opps sorry just saw this. yeah go for it. we need to change the text on the front page.

two local posts about clothe patching today, is there a hashtag we should use so people who like following things like that can easily find patch inspiration from? this seems like a wholesome topic for this instance

sorry for the downtime! we had some strange technical difficulties today

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