two local posts about clothe patching today, is there a hashtag we should use so people who like following things like that can easily find patch inspiration from? this seems like a wholesome topic for this instance

sorry for the downtime! we had some strange technical difficulties today

I would also like to remind you that, if you can and want to, you're able to support the hosting costs of the instance (about 100€/month) on Patreon and Liberapay: and

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It's not entirely how I want it but we do have a sunbeam theme now. If you want to try it out, you can enable it in preferences.

@sunflower_avenue my childhood is filled with memories of cutting that stuff down with knives. it would take over our yard and I would go out and pretend I was a samurai

renewed the domain for another year and submitted the expense to opencollective

@kawaiipunk I’m not sure but probably. They send it to be using transferwise because they dont support my bank

hmm the transfer charged me $9 in fees. I think I will try to request to get payed back for that when I renew the domain name...

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@griffinkate channel that frustration into learning a language! that is the sort of optimism I love

@kawaiipunk you are running a Matrix server on autonomatic right?

@squeakypancakes it’s renewable in may. Though I think I’d like to actually do the move off of godaddy and onto something less evil. We should talk about what that would entail first tho

I renewed the Sunbeam server for another year. It was 215.99€, I had to pay for it with through my personal PayPal account and then request to be payed back through the Sunbeam OpenCollective. Hopefully it clears shortly. Hope yall are having a lovely day!


I made a post here that was quite counter to my beliefs and that came across as something wholly different then I intended. I am truly sorry for any hurt I may have caused.
To clarify my stance on the matter: loli is disgusting, I do not condone the making, distribution, or viewing of loli content. The protection of young people from sexualization by adults is an essential part of society.
In regards to the other part of the post, I spent a number of hours reading about the accusations against Hakim Bey/Peter Lamborn Wilson and the surrounding context and now understand some of the things Peter had written were much worse then I had originally known. I am still reading more on the subject, though it is a hard thing for me personally to study because I have known this person my whole life.
I am sorry and will try my hardest to do better in the future.

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