destroy the binary/nonbinary binary


@fabianhjr I am looking forward to it not being 2020 anymore...

Raise hell in Kenosha. Solidarity with everyone showing up after another terrible and racist shooting.

If you are there protesting right now and need legal help for bail or lawyer contacts check out the Milwaukee Freedom Fund's help request form here:

#ACAB :acab: :ancom:

@esvrld they do not live off a trust fund. and the pedophile accusations are ONLY about their writing of fiction many years ago. its about the same as calling someone who occasionally posts loli a pedo.

@becky @jude_ DNS is propigating should all be up everywhere in the next hour max. I did a stupid thing and messed shit up by having a weak old password set and we got sorta hacked (aka someone logged in and randomly changed some settings)

@becky thats no good, I wonder what the reason is. I haven't noticed this.

Sorry everyone! was down for 4 hours! It was all my fault! I had the GoDaddy account set with an old insecure password and someone in France logged in and changed all the DNS settings. Saw a ping on Element from @squeakypancakes but they had already gone to sleep. So I had to figure out what was wrong myself. Thanks to @pfx for the help too!

(tagging my main account here to get notifications @liaizon)

hey do either of you two lovely people have any interest in helping figure out the future of sunbeam? @notplants @powersource

@RadioAngel @kawaiipunk I am still very much down with continuing the future of this internet community. I still think there is a great amount of potential and can see my self putting more energy into it in the coming year.

@RadioAngel @pfx also adding my props for sticking with it. I have been taking a alot of time away from fedi recently and glad to see no new explosions happen since I've been stepping back a little. Do you have this book as a .epub?

terf acronym 

The R in TERF stands for reactionary and the F stands for fool.

Things move forward! We have a place in the since this morning and have already brought a lot of building material. Tomorrow we meet at 11:00 and build the first . Come by and join us or tell others about it!


@ijyx I mean it doesn't federated to here if that's what you mean

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