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This is why you block cookies on Furafinity, you get ads like this shit.

Finished making my 3rd sketchbook. I feel like I'm starting to really get the hang of making theses. It didn't take all that long but also I spread it over like 3 days or something.

Not sure if my art is getting better or its just easier with this thing. My hand feels a lot better tho.

I'm getting tired my mannequins are getting sloppy, but I'm 1 away from my goal for the night.

Thinking I might need to cannibalize the netbook for the hhd. My doom mods are taking up too much space and all my course work is in video form, which also takes up a lot of space.

What bs is this G? I'm not gonna edit this shit I just wanna view the page.

This lamp in my new room looks like its gonna ask me if I am now or have ever been a member of the communist party.

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