So the sublet I found yesterday didn’t actually take me because their slumlord landlord was creating issues for the building to the point that housing department was looking into the building.

Butttt I found another room, and even tho it’s $175 more expensive and the commute is twice as long, the apt was really nice with a big kitchen (for nyc standards). Plus one of the house mates I randomly knew from this anti racist org i was a part of, so it’s good peoples! and it’s a lgbt friendly apt

I saw an ad for this game on ins****am and I thought it was a parody at first. But no it’s real. The world is a joke


I’m getting back to poetry again. It feels good to write

My grandpa taught me how to brew my own vodka. Going to put this knowledge to good use when I’m back in the states

got a notification from tumblr lol. They didn’t like the blow up doll post from 7 years ago

My little sister left her pink sloth here. we became friends

Super random paper I came across but I guess it somehow relates to the conversation around the eclipse (albeit solar eclipse).

The paper traces Slavic folklore back to Egyptian mythology and their mutual connection to solar eclipses, which were astounding phenomena that the people of the time couldn't accurately predict.

Apparently, there's also a strong connection between the various myths of creation and the visual observation of solar eclipses. One of the more interesting parts was the visual similarity of flower petals and the sun's corona, which is why many creation myths make mention of a flower.

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