So it seems that the crossover between 1. people willing to contribute to/share a sustainability wiki and 2. people who object to Google is HUGE.

Which means if I stay on Google Sites I will never reach all the potential contributors. So I'm searching for an ethical wiki host. Someone suggested Wikia but it looks like it's just for fandom stuff?

There's also Wikidot but I know nothing about it.

I'm worried about putting the work in, building up the wiki again on a new platform and then discovering people have a problem with that one too. It's bad enough having to up sticks and lose everything ONCE...

It's really hard to find out stuff about wiki hosts by searching online because all the search results think you're looking for a wiki about ethics rather than trying to find out *about* different wiki platforms and their ethics.

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@pass_it_on would hosting and setting up a wiki by yourself and with help you be good for you?

Do you want to pay some money or you prefer something free?

If you don't want to host, or pay, what are the functionnalities you would need in your wiki?

@kropot Thanks for offering to help but I have now found and moved to Miraheze.

As you noted, if you use a different host then you have ask yourself whether the same thing is wrong there. The thing that's wrong with Google is capitalism. More people object to Google in particular than capitalism in general, but given time the same issues will likely surface with any service provided from a profit motive

Would you like help with alternatives?

@AceNovo No, thanks. I'm actually fed up with researching & discussing the tech side of hosting my wiki and related ethics.

I just want to get on with the content, which to me is the important part. I've moved to Miraheze, which is open-source and was recommended by someone on here.

@pass_it_on what will be the focus of the wiki? Wikia covers much more than fandom, but there are actually some really great alternatives out there.

@pass_it_on wikia imo is a terrible option (ads, tracking, etc, too invasive), but i sadly am not aware of any alternatives. it isn't only for fandom stuff, there're quite popular wikis about vim and some other software, for example. when i needed a wiki, i also had access to a linux server, so i hosted it myself (dokuwiki, later moinmoin, the latter is cuter, but painful to maintain).

if selfhosting isn't an option, i'd go with wikia. it's popular and not gonna disappear in one moment.

@leip4Ier I have now moved to Miraheze, which is open-source.

I don't have the tech skills or inclination to host it myself. To me the tech bit is quite unimportant and I'd still be on Google Sites if it wasn't for the backlash on here. I just want to get on with the content bit.

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