We’ve seen where making computers “easier” has gotten us, maybe it’s time for harder?

What if you had to be smart to use a computer...🤔

@jjg I'd rather that you had to be nicer to use a computer. Pass basic ethics tests to do more than read mail, contribute to charities to send anything, pet a dog to be able to code. It'd block a lot of the annoying population.

@jjg I'm afraid that's a very bad and elitist approach.

It directly led to a destruction of some communities I was a part of. You cannot just exclude a lot of people because they don't have time to go through your LDAP config.

You need computers to be _designed better_ and understand that bakers and schoolteachers don't want to worry about HTTPS and DNS. They want to be able to use computers as _tools_ at work.

@alxd I’m not saying that all computers should be hard to use, just that there might be value in creating a new machine that doesn’t sacrifice capability for ease of use, and rewards people who are interested and willing to learn how to use it.

This would alienate some (most?) people for sure, but there’s already plenty of options available that go the other way.

@jjg @alxd

I think you are confusing “easy to use” and “easy to LEARN to use.”

The Unix command line is very easy to use once you’ve put in the effort to learn it and it’s a much more effective tool than a GUI at that point but it’s impenetrable until you’ve done the upfront work.

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