Has anyone taken time to enumerate how dangerous this new Facebook feature is?

If not I’ll take a whack, but if it’s already been covered I’m happy to syndicate 😁

@jjg I think it could have dangerous aspects. It depends on who the "first responders" are. Also this same type of system could be used to have "first responders" go after dissidents.

@bob that was the first risk that occurred to me. In the US those responders are often cops, and if they are responding to a call like this, they can enter and search your home w/o a warrant.

@jjg Oh man, we really should not want Facebook to be our "machines of loving grace" here. And I hesitate to think about who are the "first responders" to most situations like that here in the US. AI instigated swatting...

The joking response is "looking forward to the cops kicking down the door of ironic edgy losers posting about nooses".

I don't like Facebook trying to guess people's mental state, because first responders aside they will sell your crises to the first group to wave enough funds in their face.

police violence mention, survelence capitalism 

@jjg this is terrifying. Even before all this there is video footage of cops responding to suicide attempt reports with "wellness checks" by breaking in with their guns drawn. Even without extrapolating use of the technology to target political dissidents or other persecuted minorities, this will endanger the lives of trans and POC people who are already suicidal by putting them in direct contact with police.

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