An ever-changing list of books I want to read, those I'm currently reading and those I've already read, starting from this year:

It now also includes papers and tags on the "Read <year>" list to know which list an item was in before being read.

@jere dunno if you use reddit but /r/ayearofwarandpeace is going through War and Peace chapter by chapter throughout the year, holding a mini-discussion every day. You'd have some catching up to do but it's worth it to tag along, even if you do it next year.

Perhaps someone could set the same thing up with mastodon.

@jere Also can't put in enough of a recommendation for Gödel, Escher, Bach. Fantastic book

@sufjanfan I'll try to follow War and Peace once I finish with my finals, and GEB is in my library since... Last year, I think. I should add it to my reading list and stop procrastinating on reading it 😅 thanks for the recommendations!

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