I got an Arduino, a temp sensor and a fan to install into my console "rack" for cooling. Not sure what the second, smaller board is for πŸ˜…

eye contact 

Why do lesbian musicians have to do this to me 😭


No idea who made this but it's hilarious and I felt like I had to share it

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Meh, even they're admitting it. I really don't know what to do phone-wise, I really don't wanna stick with using an old iPhone until it breake cause iOS sucks but I also don't wanna have even more evil shit on my conscience :(

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I saw this and I have no idea what the fuck this person is talking about o.o

I've never been able to tell the difference and I just end up assuming that everyone just plays along so they don't offend me to my face.

Reminder to use PeerTube or at the very least YouTube Vanced cause Google is horrible and deserves nothing

Here's a hopefully funny clip from my upcoming video!

Finally got the courage to go back to work on my website and I finished the logic of the portfolio grid complete with some simple animations!

When you upscale an old game with an open-source engine

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just wanna see how well lewds work here πŸ˜…

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