After a year, a fork of #Audacity / the spiritual successor of #Tenacity has finally has another release. The name can and will be worked on, it may become the main "Tenacity" project, even?

Saucedacity 1.2 "Tenacious S"

The project has largely been the result of a silent, one-person effort. Hopefully, our work/extra features on Tenacity will make their life easier and make things a bit more original. :)


@n0toose Wait, spiritual successor of Tenacity? Has Tenacity been abandoned?

@hazelnot As one of the maintainers, I can say that it definitely died down/went on hiatus over the past few months, as we all got pretty burnt out/moved on and there weren't many people picking up the pieces for a colossal piece of software as big as Audacity.

But if the interest lights up again, some of us may return. :)

@n0toose Oh :(

Shit, I really hope other forks continue to be worked on cause I have no idea what I'm gonna use if Audacity remains the only piece of software in its niche

@n0toose Just an extra question, this Saucedacity doesn't have anything to do with the nazi fork, right? 😅

@hazelnot @n0toose The Nazi fork is Sneedacity, and it is also quite inactive lol

@kescher @hazelnot @n0toose I've got Audacium on my rig, wonder how many variants this has mushroomed into...

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