Would anyone be able to recommend a good Blender 2D animation tutorial series?

I wanna get better at editing for my next video and I think Blender is probably the best tool I can use for this without reinstalling Windows and pirating Adobe After Effects 😅

Some @blender folks are on Fediverse, I think.

Picked up a book myself recently, but haven't started reading it yet.

(In other words: may I lurk?)

Hm, I believe @davidrevoy or @morevnaproject used #Blender for some settings in the web comics.

Not sure whether they can think of a 2D animation tutorial, though

@hazelnot why not just use kdenlive, it only crashes once every few minutes now instead of every minute like it used to

@mjdxp I use Kdenlive for editing generally, but it's not really the best for motion graphics. I want to make some animated titles for chapters

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