The university I graduated from basically stole my Raspberry Pi. I submitted a Pi inside a PS1 case and a USB controller as part of my BA thesis, with the expectation that I'm going to receive it back at some point, but I've been emailing them every once in a while about it for the past like two years and they keep telling me they're gonna look for it and then nothing happens, rinse and repeat.

I'm starting to believe that I'm going to have to go there in person to recover it, but the trip there and back would be like 500 euros cause it's in the UK and I'm in Romania 🙃

Does anyone have any ideas what I could do about this?

It also seems to be impossible to get a Pi that isn't the most expensive model in Romania, for some reason, so getting a new one would cost me like 200 euros too

@hazelnot Production of single board computers is completely shot. I've been trying to get one for 3 months.

@rune Ugh :<

And meanwhile I fucking HAVE ONE but Neoliberal Arts London is holding it hostage

@hazelnot Maybe you could ask someone else in the EU to buy you one and send it to you?

@n @hazelnot im heading london next month, i could go rob them for you ;)

@n According to someone else it's pretty much impossible to even do that because of the chip shortage

@hazelnot ah it's no prob, I have two just sitting on my shelf doing nothing

@hazelnot Which University? A bit of noise on Social Media (including the birdsite) may stir up some remorse. And get your Pi back

@prabirkc UAL, and the only social media I still use is this lmao

@hazelnot Full form of UAL is University of Arts London Have amplified already

@prabirkc I know what UAL stands for, I literally have a degree from them lmao

@fruchti @hazelnot

this has the advantage of giving you the possibility of some sort of positive outcome & motivating them to recover the original item if, in fact, they might still have it shoved away somewhere non-obvious or inconvenient to access


and if you have the earliest emails you sent asking about it that might cut off that "abandonment" excuse

the longer they led you on about returning it the less that idea holds water

@fruchti I don't have a receipt for it, and it wasn't actually me who bought it, it was my dad and it was years ago, but I guess I can try? Hopefully they'll find it though 🥲

@hazelnot do you have any friends who are still at the university and could try to make some noise in person?

@guenther Nope, I had a quite weird university "career", most people I knew graduated 1-2 years before me and I never really interacted with people I didn't share classes with cause I'm a social anxiety mess

Not sure about this but maybe you can hint that you're thinking about taking legal action?

@hazelnot Do they regularly get hardware as part of thesis?
If not it could simply be that they actually lost it?

@lakoja I don't think they do *that* often, and mine is pretty distinctive cause it's in a PS1 case

@hazelnot (and if that is any help at some point for you it would probably be not problem to swag another type of Pi (not the most expensive one) over to you, ie. from Germany)

@hazelnot You could try to put pressure on them via the Student Representative Council, most UK unis have one and they have a lot of power.

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