...I just found out that tagging @ everyone on Mastodon ACTUALLY DOES FUCKING TAG EVERYONE??????

@charlotte What do you mean? Sunbeam City runs on vanilla Mastodon but I still got pinged somehow

@hazelnot @charlotte yeah i just got pinged a few seconds ago too, also running vanilla masto

@hazelnot @charlotte i feel like there's gonna be a new fediblock post in the next 24h, i dunno what's up with that ping but it just has those vibes

@AgathaSorceress @charlotte I keep being pinged, this time also specifically by handle so I blocked and the other one that pinged me

@AgathaSorceress @hazelnot @charlotte it's a reply with hidden reply tags in the metadata tagging about 120 people, the @ everyone in the text doesn't do anything
@hazelnot the publisher instance decides the pings in ActivityPub

@hazelnot @charlotte I mean... no protocol can stop you from sending everyone you can find a message. It's called spam :P

@kookie @charlotte The difference is that they literally tagged "@everyone", not my handle specifically

@hazelnot @charlotte Right, and the software they're using transforms that to generating thousands of activitypub requests to everyone that server knows. The AP spec (from how I remember it from reading it months ago to be fair) doesn't have a magic "@everyone" built-in

@hazelnot it makes sense because you have a
publish post -> scan for mentions -> ping the appropriate servers

instead of

every server scans every post for the off-chance that it contains a ping

@charlotte Yeah but the receiving server could, like, reject shit like this even if it does receive it.

@charlotte Just seems like a security hole to me lol, but it probably will never be fixed because Gargron is in charge

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