I can't move to the Fediverse properly until I reproduce my famous pinned post from the birdsite, so here it is:

P.S.A. To all vintage computer and video game collectors:

Go through your collections and GET THE DAMN BATTERIES OUT!

Now! Don't wait! Seriously, put down the phone, go to your collection and take out all the batteries. Right now! Even if they look "okay" they are NOT SAFE after this much time.


@48kRAM How vintage are we talking here? The oldest computer I have is a Dreamcast, I think

@hazelnot Dreamcast has a rechargeable coin cell battery that you're going to want to replace sooner or later. It's in a location that's not likely to damage the main PCB, but could damage the controller ports. It's actually safe to run the DC without this battery at all -- I've removed it from my console and I just set the time on the occasions that I drag it out to play.

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