There's this really annoying bug in Doom that the devs of PrBoom+, one of the most popular source ports refuses to fix because "oh then we might as well just throw away our whole engine and replace it with ZDoom's even though literally the only thing it does is causes you to miss shots about half the time in corridors (the blockmap bug).

One dev's reply to the request was literally "Is this performance art?", condescending as fuck.

I get that their main target audience is speedrunners and old-school purists, but the guy was like "this is objectively a bad bug, can't you just fix it and add a toggle or something cause I like this port but not ZDoom cause it changes too much" and the devs' response was basically "well did you stop and think that maybe you don't like it cause they fixed bugs like these HMM"

Again, super condescending and I really doubt that fixing an objectively harmful bug in an engine that already has compatibility levels for various Doom versions and old sourceports could possibly be an issue lmao

But nope, my two choices are ZDoom, the engine that the purists say is shit cause it plays nothing like Doom, and the engine that is mostly great except for this one thing. And stuff like Chocolate Doom or Crispy Doom but those don't really have any of these improvements.

Does anyone know of another good Doom source port? Something that's closer to vanilla than ZDoom but fixes this stupid bug? Cause at this point I just kinda feel like giving up on trying to play this and I'm getting caught in 20 year old feuds between elitist nerds just for wanting to play an old game

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