does anyone have stories of successful (or what you learned from unsuccessful) civil disobedience to create safer bike/pedestrian routes? Unauthorized painting, human chains, etc... We're brainstorming.

@freewheelbikesmadison no, though i did write a really angry blog post that worked one time

@freewheelbikesmadison You don't need civil disobedience, WI law treats bicycles as vehicles. Be aggressive about taking the lane, it's legal.

@alrs @freewheelbikesmadison If drivers in WI are anything like the ones here in CA, that seems like a quick way to get an ambulance ride.

@LexYeen @freewheelbikesmadison I've been riding like that in Los Angeles for decades, doing fine, no hospital visits.

@alrs @freewheelbikesmadison Good for you. Not everyone on a bike can maneuver, accelerate, or brake like that - disabled cyclists like myself among them.

@LexYeen @freewheelbikesmadison That's true, and won't be fixed unless speed limits are brought WAY lower.

@freewheelbikesmadison never have I ever, but remember that unauthorized markings on roada can be equated to criminal activity due to the risk of homicide

@s21 we've got a local friend-of-the-shop planning more critical masses precisely. We had a good complain session about the streets most unsafe-feeling for street cyclists...

@freewheelbikesmadison That's cool. I hope you can do it!! I think critical masses played a role in my nearest large city (Madrid) for new bike safety improving traffic rules (and associated signaling) to be established :)

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