will be without internet on saturday so i'm submitting this gem a bit early. By @TrillflowerArt

Looking forward to this conversation... as a white, english only prof, it has been a challenge to address typography's eurocentric foundation and bias in design education... futuress is doing really good things for des discourse!

best father's day gift is camping with the kid at dad camp. 💀 🏕️ 🔦 🐻 🏹🐺 🔥 🪓

An impressive black slug from the Cathedral Forest, Vancouver Island, BC.

Into all things , including a Royal but awkward porcupine-lookin’ cat.

happy to leave this genius tweet here for all the anti-billionaires!

Wonderful discussion on the relationship between depression and being on the left politically. Really enjoyed listening to this episode of the Know Your Enemies podcast.

This Russian Blue renounces any affiliation with states and borders and now identifies as a Sabo Blue.

In 2017 I submitted a proposal entitled the “Indigenous Designer in Residence.” It was a six-month paid residency for an Indigenous graphic designer at the art school that i teach at. The proposal was funded--good times were had, inspiration was felt, global pandemics have been lived through, billionaire wealth was redistributed ending poverty, student debt, the climate emergency, etc. all along, i’ve been counting the days for the residency's catalogue to be printed and finally, yesterday, I received it! &

very hyped about participating in the KISMIF Conference in Porto this July! kismifconference.com/2022/ ...are there any others KISMIF folks in the Fediverse?

Sunbeam City 🌻

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