I'm sorry to make a negative toot, but I don't have many places to vent IRL. It's getting harder living with a partner with extreme anxiety - lonelier too.

There seems like no right thing to do. Trying to help fix things rationally goes down like a lead balloon. Just being there to comfort and reassure makes nothing better.

Every suggestion ignored. Having to continually remind yourself that it isn't their fault, but if they have no control then how do things improve?

I'm so lost.

A new air plant and Aloe Vera plant found today. Very happy! I think the Aloe will go nicely in the bedroom

Good morning everyone 😊 Glad to be here! I'm mostly interested in ecological affairs, including veganism. Capitalism is making less sense to me each day, too.

Hope to make some good friends here πŸ‘‹πŸ˜€

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