I love market day! :)

I've been trying to restock my Pratchetts second-hand, and there was one stall that had TEN for £2 each, I'm IN.

My lunch from a local café, in tubs.

Spring onions from a homegrown veg stall, and an olive loaf and cinnamon roll treat from the sourdough bakers' stall.

Some things with packaging: guacamole (plastic), hippie deodorant (plastic and glass), and aubergine goop (glass jar, metal lid).

Everyone was super cool about me not wanting packaging. :)

I just finished this overly fancy two-colour-brioche dishcloth made from second-hand cotton yarn and... I don't even use dishcloths. (I only like sponges!) So, I have no idea what to do with this.

Found in the charity shop today! :)

I never thought I'd be able to find second hand or recycled packaging materials so that's cool.

And having rationing stuff that's relevant to my interests (mending clothes, making energy more efficient) put into a modern context while also keeping its era intact is moving and accessible history.

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