Waiting for a meeting in an office buildings common area. A dude woke me up once from my nap to tell me to take my feet off.... my own book sitting on the table. Okay, whatever, just pedantic, I move my feet and resume my nap. Literally not five minutes later he comes back, "I can't have you sleepin here". For why? Who am I hurting or threatening? Whose space in this empty ass lobby am I occupying? What does this have to do with you? Are you the foreman here?

Just let me sleep.

I figured out the tight ass isn't a security guard or anything, just works in a call center office I can see from this lobby, and noticed him staring down at me (now reading in this nap lacking area). Wrote on my notebook TV-show style, "nothing better?" And he was all the sudden very interested in the work on his monitor.


Tried to catch my last hour of zzz before my meeting thinking the meathead had realized a low level sales agent shouldn't be telling another services clients not to take naps. Nope. I'm shaken out of my not-even-sleep "listen kid are you doped up? I told you you cant sleep here." Thank god he was holding a coffee cup and I've watched tooooooo much sherlock content. Wedding ring tan line, irritated with strangers over nothing, "How's the divorce going? [He tried to interrupt with "none of your..."] Oh, wait, I know, poorly. She'll never love you, [at this point he's walking away and I have to raise my voice a bit] your kids will never love you, your friends won't even like you, because this is how you act!"

Now I'm awake enough to read. Fuck.

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