Psilocibin mushrooms have the potential to treat depression, anxiety, and addiction, but are currently classified as a drug with no medical benefits, which makes it very difficult to study. In Oregon, there are efforts to decriminalize and reclassify them so that they may be used in theraputic settings. If you live in Oregon, please support this. If you live somewhere else and there is similar legislation, please support that. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

In retrospect I probably should have put this under a read more. Sorry folks.

@Lapara Possibly a CW, but if you're mostly thinking about length rather than content, don't worry.

@puffinus_puffinus yeah I mean, in the moment I was like "this is important everyone should see it!" But like, not everyone feels comfortable with that stuff so I probably should put it under a content warning. Next time I'll do that.

@Lapara I guess so. It's good to be aware of things like that.

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