Tired: Escaping from the trappings of civilization to live a mythologized hunter-gatherer lifestyle in a lonely wilderness

Wired: Dropping out of the worst aspects of capitalist civilization by joining a self-sustaining intentional community on cultivated farmland.

Inspired: Rejecting the separation of "civilization" from "wilderness" as an inherently colonialist distinction and actively working to dissolve the border between the two.

🤔 Civilization is inherently colonialist

:blobhyperthink: The idea of "Civilization" is inherently colonialist


@GreenandBlack from the idea of the Greeks onwards, the concepts of 'civilisation' and 'barbarians' have always been colonialist as FUCK

@GreenandBlack the white mans burden and all that shit was used to justify so much god damn colonalism, this idea that 'civilisation' exists and it these set of western white principles that really amount to the hegemony of western capital. hot take but maybe white colonisers have been bad?

@GreenandBlack yeah but that's why I don't talk to anprims lmao. not all perspectives are ones I want to use up my mental energy engaging with

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