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I also have a few more on the resources page at my website. There's some overlap with the wiki.

I will try to add some of the resources I've found to the Sunbeam Wiki when I get a chance.


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0_0 wow... I know what I'm going to be reading for a while... This is amazing.

@RadioAngel @solarpunkgnome @codl Definitely need to look at the ILSR sometime. This is rad stuff, please do add it to the wiki! They'd all make great additions

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ILSR and Strong Towns have a ton of great resources. I only listen to the ILSR podcasts regularly since I only have so much time to listen, but I like both.

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Yeah, I thought I replied to the original thread, but it seems to have diverged now? I was sure this was all one thing before...

Anyway, that's the link I've got for Strong Towns, yeah. ILSR has a few different podcasts, I listen to "Building Local Power" and "Local Energy Rules." ilsr.org/podcasts/

Just started listening to a couple podcasts from Vox including "The Impact" and "Future Perfect." "Future Perfect" is about , and "The Impact" is sorta policy experiments, but I think it has implications for any out there. A few things are national, but most are at the local level.


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Happens sometimes with edits I think? Anyways, thanks for the links! Can't wait to listen to them!

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