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Update 17th Feburary 2020: Registrations are currently closed, as we are reforming the instance and the cooperative. If you would like to be a part of discussions around the instance, the coop, and the future, please stop by our Discourse page.

What is Sunbeam City?

Sunbeam City (or SBC for short) is a young cooperative of individuals whose mission is to promote what we believe to be the values of the solarpunk movement. Part of what we do includes running services that are open to everyone, away from the control of profit-seeking, centralised corporations. We lead by example through using democratic decision-making and sharing resources to run these services. Our current admins are: Alyaza, DissidentKitty, RadioAngel, and GwenfarsGarden

What are these services?

We currently run:
  • A Loomio page to facilitate democratic decision-making processes
  • A wiki that serves as a solarpunk knowledge bank
  • This Mastodon instance!

How do I join SBC?

Update 17th Feburary 2020: Registrations are currently closed.
Sunbeam City is ran by a cooperative. If you would like to join in the decision-making process, you can sign up for membership by paying a contribution, which helps cover costs of the cooperative's activities. Members of the cooperative use OpenCollective to raise funds and Loomio to make proposals and vote. If you're curious, we have information about the cooperative and how to sign up on our wiki. If you'd like any help, just join our chatroom or contact the instance admin by DM or email (see top-right) The rules for our Mastodon instance can be found here