Having pronouns in your bio is important to normalise the practise, not just gor trans people but everybody. If only trans people do it, then it becomes a marker of who is trans, if you all do it then it's just a standard thing. I know it can be annoying to be asked over and over yo do it, but it is important

Knocking on the coffee jar to get the last bit out, part of my brain heard the knocking and thought, "Somebody's at the door"

finally got this little pollinator house installed.

This cast iron pan will probably only be naked a couple times in its life! 😄 So I took it outside to get some sun.

Wasn't somebody talking about walking onions recently? These ones are starting to grow some legs 🙂

I'm thinking I let it rest for a few weeks to let the soil get some air. Meanwhile I source some plants. Anyone know where to get some useful, shade loving, preferably native plants that don't cost the earth?

I let my little arugula / rocket bed go to seed because I forgot to harvest them. But now they look pretty.

Those dang adorable bunnies keep eating my okra seedlings!


Sometimes self-care is leaving 10 min early for your appointment instead of procrastinating until the last possible minute and rushing there. 🕢 :oh_no:

mother, parent (+) 

Driving several hours home from my mom's house with a car full of plants that we dug up together. I feel so lucky 😭❤️

inside you there are two wolves. one is algae or cyanobacteria. the other is a fungus. you are a lichen.

Is there space on your homestead for one without youth and vigor
Is there room in your syndicate for the one who rocks and shouts
Does your committee have time for the one who stutters and struggles
Do these tiny homes come with ramps and aides
Will this new utopia hold space for us
Where do the elders sit
Where do the strange ones live
Where is the quiet place
Where we can go to mourn ourselves and others lost

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