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"As through this world you ramble, as through this world you roam, you'll never see an outlaw drive a family from their home" (Pretty Boy Floyd)

cryptic journal entry 

You know where the key is. It has always been in your heart, your mind, your hand. You made the doors. Simply ask, and every hateful thing in this trance will bow and help you. Relax. Unclench. Open. Let vulnerability and gratefulness and love flutter free. This wasteland is a garden; a vibrant ecosystem. Mourn, and wash the grime away with sorrow. Your garden, your helpers, your friends, are always waiting.


Owww, I pulled a muscle in my neck and it hurts so much this morning

The answer is really simple:
1. Robust, well-funded public transit, on
2. Roads that prioritize local pedestrian traffic, with
3. Publicly-owned autonomous vehicles alongside a mix of other solutions to connect people at the last mile

A rag-tag band of dreamers embarks on an epic cross-country journey of friendship and imagination, in order to beg an investor for financing.

The Muppet Movie (1979) is capitalist propaganda.

I put the pickles from last into jars, they have a nice giardiniera kind of flavor! Also potted up some onions, lettuce, chilis... but didn't have time today to plant tomato seeds.

mh thoughts 

I don't hate my depression or anxiety. They're a reflection of my strengths; they're part of who I am. But this is my personal therapy, not some judgmental normative narrative. Take care of yourselves, by whatever works for you. ❤️

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mh thoughts 

Both of these "diseases" are just overwhelmed sensitivities; blocked visionary superpowers. Depression sees a positive future it wants to reach; anxiety sees a nightmare future it wants to avoid. We are the seers, the prophets, the canaries in the coal mine. And I think you can probably guess who has the motive and opportunity to make us feel helpless and alone.

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mh thoughts 

I think we all know anxiety is a normal response to living in constant danger. Sometimes we worry about our own safety; sometimes about others. But we're always looking ahead, trying to outsmart and anticipate a terrifyingly unpredictable future that we can't actually control.

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mh thoughts 

Depression is a natural strategic response to problems that are too big to tackle head-on: "Maybe we should fall back, rethink our choices, and if all else fails, give up." It's the crafty twin of anger; Slytherin to Gryffindor. Anger problems are often diagnosed as depression, because the underlying problem is a deep, stubborn, powerless frustration with life.

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mh thoughts 

I hear a lot of friends say that having depression and anxiety makes them feel like they've failed at being adult humans somehow, like they're broken, and I just want to write out my perspective as a person with lifelong history of ADD, depression, and anxiety.

Short version: no. Any trait this widespread has adaptive evolutionary value to society. In detail...

optimism, kinda religious 

"The creative life cannot be rushed, and it ought to be savored. That is where its human aspect lies. We are not, after all, factories."

This is a beautiful little post on the meditative aspect of knitting, but I think it's also an optimistic sketch of the future I want for all of us. :greensun:

A busy ! I planted sunchokes, cleared last year's garden bed, trimmed tree branches for stakes, baked pumpkin slices and made mixed veg pickles. I'm filled with doubt and indecision about how to organize the garden though.

back to my huge lesbian energy looks, eye contact, boosts+ 

whaddup my name is scribbler and im gay!!!
scribbler, sporting a fresh new…

notice how capitalism is demanding you turn yourself into a brand then alter that brand to appeal to more people so that you can more effectively sell yourself

yeah don't do that

Day 5 of the Gender Census and things are good! It always slows down after the rush of the first few days.

We’re at 6,300 responses, and still climbing. :)

If you’ve got followers whose genders are binary-rejecting, please consider spreading the word!

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One time me and my mom planted a bucket of wildflower seeds in a 20ft planter. Everyone kept telling us to weed our planter until summer came and everything bloomed. They came back to say they were wrong and asked us what we planted. It was an explosion of oranges, blues, just every bright color you can think of. I miss it and if I ever have the chance again, I won't hesitate to buy a bucket of wildflower seeds. You have no idea how much little actions can change the world until you have a bucket of seeds.

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