@InvaderXan Interesting, I didn't realize how much soy in Europe comes from Brazil (ie, deforestation). It's very different in the US. This really underscores the importance of local and regional sustainability knowledge.

@dockers Not with that specific drug, but I've had several friends develop unpleasant effects when their pharmacy changed the brand of their prescription. They say they're the same drug, but I guess they have different ingredients.

@CornishRepublicanArmy Also if you work a job where you send emails, put your pronouns in your email signature! Super easy and professional, cis friends! ✨

Having pronouns in your bio is important to normalise the practise, not just gor trans people but everybody. If only trans people do it, then it becomes a marker of who is trans, if you all do it then it's just a standard thing. I know it can be annoying to be asked over and over yo do it, but it is important

Knocking on the coffee jar to get the last bit out, part of my brain heard the knocking and thought, "Somebody's at the door"

@GinnyMcQueen@kitty.town Isn't sarcasm an official language of the UK?

@griffinkate Phlomis fruticosa, Jerusalem Sage. (not actually a sage, but the leaves look an awful lot like it)

@fr33l0 Thank you! 🙂 Maybe I'll post more when I'm done seasoning it

finally got this little pollinator house installed.

This cast iron pan will probably only be naked a couple times in its life! 😄 So I took it outside to get some sun.

@teslas_moustache @radikalgrafitio The scapes (flower stalks) of alliums are a lot stiffer than the normal leaves. I think it's probably some kind of wild onion. I have a similar one in my yard.

Wasn't somebody talking about walking onions recently? These ones are starting to grow some legs 🙂

@rebeccah Not so far, but it wouldn't surprise me! When I don't prune the bushes enough their branches try to root themselves

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