This cast iron pan will probably only be naked a couple times in its life! 😄 So I took it outside to get some sun.

Wasn't somebody talking about walking onions recently? These ones are starting to grow some legs 🙂

I let my little arugula / rocket bed go to seed because I forgot to harvest them. But now they look pretty.

journal sketch 

the two wings of radical acceptance: clear-seeing and compassion

I did some yardwork on and made a couple little woven fences with some pruned branches. The forsythia trimmings were the best for this, they're very flexible.

It was a beautiful today. Started some veg ferments; working on a new hat.

This week's additions to the family: lemon cucumbers, luffas, hibiscus, okra, more tomatoes. :_earth:

Extreme plant closeup 

I love this, all of my phone backgrounds look like this


we're always trying to shape the world around us

I put the pickles from last into jars, they have a nice giardiniera kind of flavor! Also potted up some onions, lettuce, chilis... but didn't have time today to plant tomato seeds.

cussin' socks 

As part of my strategy to Not Be Stressed about this grad school interview, I'm wearing some lucky socks

Most people recommend oiling wooden cutting boards/kitchen utensils with mineral oil, but I like using flaxseed oil, which isn't petroleum based. It's also a great oil for seasoning cast iron pans.

medicinal cooking 

One of my partners has this recipe which produces ginger tea + ginger simple syrup + candied ginger. I'm trying it myself, and so far it's all very soothing for my sore throat. 😷

cats, ec (cat) 

Every day she jumps up on my dresser to say good morning. She likes our faces to be on the same level.

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